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Mediation: The Roles of Advocate and Neutral 3E

Summary of Contents


PART I: Introduction 
Chapter 1: The Origins of Disputes 
Chapter 2: Negotiator Styles 
Chapter 3: Negotiation — Step by Step 
Chapter 4: Barriers to Settlement 
PART II: The Mediation Process 
Chapter 5: An Overview of Mediation
Chapter 6: Processes of Mediation 
Chapter 7: Process Skills 
Chapter 8: Emotional Issues and Cognitive Forces 
Chapter 9: Merits-Based Barriers 
PART III: The Advocate’s Role 
Chapter 10: Representing Clients: Preparation 
Chapter 11: Representing Clients: During the Process 
PART IV: Specialized Topics 
Chapter 12: Specific Applications 
Chapter 13: Court-Connected Mediation and Policy Concerns 
Chapter 14: The Law of Mediation 
Chapter 15: Ethical Issues for Advocates and Mediators 
Chapter 16: Mixed and Changing Roles 

Table of Cases