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Civil Procedure: A Coursebook 3e

Summary of Contents

Book Features and Conventions

Part I. Introduction
Chapter 1: An Introduction to American Courts
Chapter 2: A Description of the Litigation Process and Sources of Procedural Law

Part II. Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Chapter 3: Diversity Jurisdiction in the Federal Courts
Chapter 4: Federal Question Jurisdiction
Chapter 5: Removal of Cases from State to Federal Court

Part III. Personal Jurisdiction 145
Chapter 6: The Evolution of Personal Jurisdiction 
Chapter 7: Specific In Personam Jurisdiction
Chapter 8: Other Constitutional Bases for Personal Jurisdiction
Chapter 9: Long Arm Statutes
Chapter 10: The Constitutional Requirement of Notice and Methods of Service of Process

Part IV. Venue 365
Chapter 11: Basic Venue: Statutory Allocation of Cases Within a Court System
Chapter 12: Challenges to Venue: Transfers and Dismissals

Part V. Pleading 417
Chapter 13: Basic Pleading
Chapter 14: Responding to the Complaint (or Not?)
Chapter 15: Care and Candor in Pleading
Chapter 16: Amending Pleadings

Part VI. Joinder and Supplemental Jurisdiction
Chapter 17: Joinder of Claims and Parties
Chapter 18: Complex Joinder: Intervention, Interpleader, and Required Parties
Chapter 19: Class Actions
Chapter 20: Supplemental Jurisdiction in the Federal Courts

Part VII. Discovery 773
Chapter 21: Informal Investigation and the Scope of Discovery
Chapter 22: Discovery Tools
Chapter 23: Discovery Control and Abuse

Part VIII. Choice of Law
Chapter 24: State Law in Federal Courts: The Erie Doctrine
Chapter 25: Substance and Procedure Under the Erie Doctrine

Part IX. Trial and Pretrial
Chapter 26: Pretrial Case Management
Chapter 27: Dispositions Without Trial
Chapter 28: The Right to Jury Trial
Chapter 29: Judgment as a Matter of Law (Directed Verdict and JNOV)
Chapter 30: Controlling the Jury
Chapter 31: New Trial and Relief from Judgment
Part X. After Final Judgment
Chapter 32: Appeals
Chapter 33: Claim Preclusion
Chapter 34: Issue Preclusion: Further Limits to Relitigation

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes and Rules