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Regulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and Ethics, Concise Edition

Summary of Contents

Why It's Important: A Preface for Students
A Word About Case Editing

Chapter I: Where do "Ethics" Rules Come From

Part One: The Attorney-Client Relationship
Chapter II: Defining the Attorney-Client Relationship
Chapter III: Protecting the Attorney-Client Relationship Against Outside Interference
Chapter IV: Lawyers, Money, and the Ethics of Legal Fees

Part Two: Conflicts of Interest
Chapter V: Concurrent Conflicts of Interest
Chapter VI: Successive Conflicts of Interest

Part Three: Special Lawyer Roles
Chapter VII: Ethics in Advocacy
Chapter VIII: Special Issues in Criminal Prosecutions
Chapter IX: Negotiation and Transactional Matters
Chapter X: Lawyers for Companies and Other Organizations

Part Four: Avoiding and Redressing Professional Failure
Chapter XI: Control of Quality: Reducing the Likelihood of Professional Failure
Chapter XII: Control of Quality: Remedies for Professional Failure

Table of Cases 
Table of Codes, Rules, and Restatement Provisions