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About the Book

Food Law: Cases and Materials

First Edition

Jacob E. Gersen
Harvard Law School

Margot J. Pollans
Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University

Michael T. Roberts
UCLA School of Law

2018. Approx. 1100 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-5805-8. With Teacherís Manual.

About the Book

This book surveys the elements of modern food law. It broadens the coverage of traditional food and drug law topics of safety, marketing, and nutrition, and includes law governing environment, international trade, and other legal aspects of the modern food system. The result is the first casebook that provides a comprehensive treatment of food law as a unique discipline.

Hallmark features of Food Law: Cases and Materials:

  • First-of-its-kind book bringing together the law of the modern food system into a single source.
  • Draws together cases with other regulatory materials such as rulemaking documents and agency requests for proposals for grant funding.
  • Focuses on federal law and includes discussion of innovations in food law happening at the municipal, state and federal level.
  • Up to date with the latest developments in food law.
  • Sample syllabi (in the Teacherís Manual) for a range of courses that could be taught with this book, including food law lecture courses or seminars, a seminar on the environmental law of agriculture, or a seminar on international food law concepts.
  • Teacherís Manual includes instructions for potential in-class simulation exercises and activities for a range of class sizes:
- Farm Bill legislative debate
- Debate on a number of different policy issues
- Menu labeling rulemaking proceeding
- Food Safety Modernization Act congressional hearing
- Town planning commission hearing on zoning ordinance governing agricultural buffer strips
- Congressional hearing on eutrophication in the Gulf of Mexico
- Food label gathering and evaluation activity
- Milk product and olive oil tasting product activities

  • Companion website with slides and links to other readings referenced in the text.