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Persuasive Written and Oral Advocacy: In Trial and Appellate Courts

Summary of Contents

Part I. Persuasive Legal Writing   
  1. Getting Started
  2.  Writing Persuasively
  3.  Writing for Clarity
  4.  Editing
  5.  Finding and Applying the Law
Part II. Oral Argument   
  6.  Preparing for Oral Argument
  7.  Presenting the Oral Argument
Part III. Trial Proceedings   
  8.  Preparing Memoranda for the Trial Court and Research Memoranda
Part IV. Handling Appeals and Writs   
  9.  Taking an Appeal
 10.  Applying the Standard of Review
 11.  Preparing Appellate Briefs and Oral Argument
 12.  Preparing Writ Applications, Petitions for Rehearing, and Appellate Motions
Appendix I.  Problem: Olsen v. State of Arcadia 
Appendix II.  Example of an Appellate Brief 
Appendix III.  Example of a Petition for Certiorari