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The Legal Environment of Business and Ethics: An Integrated Approach

Summary of Contents

About the Authors 

Part I: Legal and Ethical Overview
Chapter 1: The United States Legal System 
Chapter 2: Ethics in the Business Environment 
Chapter 3: Constitutional Issues in Business 
Chapter 4: Administrative Law 
Chapter 5: Legal Aspects of the Global Business Environment 
Chapter 6: Corporate Social Responsibility 

Part II: The Business
Chapter 7: Business Organizations 
Chapter 8: Intellectual Property 
Chapter 9: Sale of Securities and Investor Protection
Chapter 10: Business Crimes
Chapter 11: Antitrust

Part III: The Employee
Chapter 12: Agency Law
Chapter 13: Employment Law
Chapter 14: Discrimination in the Workplace

Part IV: The Business Sale
Chapter 15: Contracts: Contract Formation
Chapter 16: Contracts: Performance, Public Policy, and Global Contracts
Chapter 17: Sales Law, Consumer Protection, and E-Commerce
Chapter 18: The Debtor-Creditor Relationship

Part V: Business Liability
Chapter 19: Business Torts 
Chapter 20: Product Liability and Warranties 
Chapter 21: Environmental Law and Sustainability 

Table of Cases