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Animal Law: Welfare, Interests, and Rights

Summary of Contents

Chapter 1.   Introduction
Part 1: Animals in our Legal System - Private Law
Chapter 2.   Animal Ownership 
Chapter 3.   Veterinarian Malpractice
Chapter 4.   Harm to Pets A Valuation
Part 2: Animals in our Legal System State Public Law
Chapter 5.   State Regulation of Ownership
Chapter 6.   Anti-Cruelty Laws, History & Intentional Acts
Chapter 7.   Anti-Cruelty Laws, Requirements of Care
Chapter 8.   Animals in Agriculture

Part 3: Animals and Federal Law & Regulation
Chapter 9.   Access to the Courts - Standing
Chapter 10. The Animal Welfare Act

Part 4: Animal Rights
Chapter 11. Animal Rights- Jurisprudence
Chapter 12. Animal Rights - the Social Movement

Chapters available on the web as .pdf file:
Web Chapter 1. Private Regulation of Ownership - Landlords & Condos
Web Chapter 2. State Control of Wildlife
Web Chapter 3. Animals in Science