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About the Book

Animal Law: Welfare, Interests, and Rights

Second Edition

David Favre
Michigan State University College of Law

2011. 500 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-0266-2.

About the Book

 This book encompasses many of the diverse issues of how the legal system does now and in the future should deal with animal-human relationships.


  • A high profile author in the area of animal rights, David Favre, a well respected scholar in this area,  has been teaching the subject for ten years and  has spent over twenty years as an active member of the broader animal movement, including extensive teaching and speaking around the world on animal issues.
  • Materials are presented to highlight the animal issues faced by most members of the public, including ownership, sales, divorce, recovery for damages for harm to animals, and animals in wills. Criminal liability under state anti-cruelty laws is considered in detail, including topical issues such dog fighting and the hoarding of animals.
  • Includes engaging, student friendly problems and case studies on many of the main topic areas in animal rights.
  • Veterinary malpractice and the statesí ability to control animals such as dangerous dogs and pet snakes are also considered.
  • Ample material on the subject of jurisprudence: what are the arguments for animal rights as a matter of philosophy and at law? The book explores what animal rights might look like as they develop in the future.
  • Cases on multiple topics, along with considerable explanatory text which will allow this course to be offered both at the law school level as well as graduate and undergraduate level classes.
  • Material covering the over 100 years of legal history regarding animal rights. Our thinking in the legal system about animals began in 1867 with the adoption of the New York Anti-Cruelty Law, but much has changed since that time.
  • The status of commercial, agricultural animals is presented in detail in order to consider what future law might be appropriate. Factual information and policy concepts are presented for the studentsí consideration.

New to the Second Edition:

  • New cases and organization for chapter on procedural standing.
  • Key N.J. case and new legislation for the Agricultural animal section.
  • Cases on dog fighting
  • New Dog & Divorce case
  • Proposed Act for Damages to Pets

Preface / Sample Chapters