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About the Book

Disaster Law and Policy

Front Cover - Disaster Law and Policy

Daniel A. Farber
University of California--Berkeley Law

Jim Chen
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville

Robert Verchick
Deputy Associate Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
Loyola University New Orleans School of Law

Lisa Sun
Brigham Young University Law School

2009. 496 pages. ISBN: 9780735588349.

About the Book

Disaster Law and Policy examines the growing field concerned with disaster prevention, emergency response, compensation & insurance, human rights, and community recovery. The first book on disaster law to appear in the wake of Katrina, this fascinating text provides the key building blocks for a thoughtful analysis of the issues that surround disaster-relief policy and procedure.

Exploring the legal issues that surround Katrina and other natural disasters in the U.S. and around the world, Disaster Law and Policy, features:

  • effective tools for legal analysis of issues emerging from disastrous events
  • discussion problems and class exercises
  • an interdisciplinary approach that combines law, public policy, economics, and science
  • broad coverage—from environmental and land use law to insurance, tort law, and civil rights issues
  • discussion of public expectations of government response in crisis, compared to actual government and private sector preparedness and capabilities
  • examination of post disaster issues such as Medicaid, the role of environmental litigation, communications, law enforcement, evacuation, and the work of the Army Corps of Engineers on the levees in New Orleans

Adopting a wider perspective that looks at the legal ramifications of disasters across the United States and around the world, the Second Edition offers:

  • a new chapter on the causes of disasters and their relationship to laws designed to protect health, safety, and the environment
  • a new chapter on risk and uncertainty that examines the latest ideas to come out of economics, complexity theory, and organizational management
  • a new chapter on international disaster law that looks at recent developments in disaster-risk management, the protection of human rights, and the preservation of ecosystem services
    • Coverage includes discussion of the 2005 Asian Tsunami, China’s Sechuan Earthquake, and Cycloe Nargis in Mynamar/Burma
  • a new chapter on recovery from disaster that features an extended class exercise

A unique and timely text in a burgeoning field, Disaster Law and Policy, Second Edition, is ideal for use in a seminar or a course on disaster issues—or as a supplement in courses on environmental law or land use.