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About the Author

James Dwyer

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Arthur B. Hanson Professor of Law
Degrees: Ph.D., Stanford University; J.D., Yale; B.A., Boston College

Areas of Specialization
Adoption Law; Children and the Law; Constitutional Law--14th Amendment; Constitutional Law--1st Amendment (Religion); Education Law; Family Law; Philosophy of Law; Trusts and Estates Law

Teaching in Academic Year 2012-2013
Family Law; Youth Law

Representative Professional Activities and Achievements
Joined the faculty in 2000 after teaching law at the Chicago-Kent and University of Wyoming law schools. Practiced law with Sutherland, Asbill, and Brennan; and Coudert Brothers; both in Washington, D.C., and worked in New York State Family Court as Law Guardian and Assigned Counsel. Teaches family law, youth law, trusts and estates, and law and social justice. Selected for the Class of 2010 Professorship and the Plumeri Award.

Family Law: Theoretical, Comparative, and Social Science Perspectives (Aspen Publishers, 2012)
Moral Status and Human Life: The Case for Children's Superiority (Cambridge University Press 2011).
The Relationship Rights of Children (Cambridge U. Press 2006).
Vouchers Within Reason: A Child-Centered Approach to Education Reform (Cornell U. Press 2002).
Religious Schools v. Children's Rights (Cornell U. Press 2001) (paperback edition with new preface 2001).