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About the Book


Front Cover - Property

Eighth Edition

Jesse Dukeminier
Late Maxwell Professor of Law
University of California, Los Angeles

James E. Krier
Earl Warren DeLano Professor of Law
University of Michigan

Gregory S. Alexander
A. Robert Noll Professor of Law
Cornell University

Michael H. Schill
Dean and Harry N. Wyatt Professor of Law
University of Chicago

Lior Jacob Strahilevitz
Sidley Austin Professor of Law
University of Chicago

2014. 1,360 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-3760-2. With Teacher's Manual.

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About the Book

Jesse Dukeminier’s trademark wit, passion, and human interest perspective has made Property, now in its Eighth Edition, one of the best—and most beloved—casebooks of all time. A unique blend of authority and good humor, you’ll find a moveable feast of visual interest, compelling cases, and timely coverage of contemporary issues. In the Eighth Edition, the authors—along with new co-author Lior Jacob Strahilevitz—have created a thoughtful and thorough revision, true to the spirit of the Late Jesse Dukeminier. 

Admired for generations, this landmark casebook features:
  • a dynamic yet traditional pedagogy that includes cases, text, questions, problems, visual illustrations, and vibrant examples
  • a flexible, modular organization that allows the book to easily adapt to a range of syllabi and course credit hours
  • comprehensive coverage that encompasses the full range of property topics, with in-depth treatments of estates and future interests, servitudes, and land-use controls
  • cartoons and photographs that present humorous asides and visual commentary at appropriate intervals within the text
  • an accessible and unobtrusive “economic lens” for critically thinking about property issues
  • an excellent and detailed Teacher’s Manual that briefs every principal case and reading in the book, answers nearly every question and problem in the book, and provides the authors’ analyses and observations regarding the material at hand
  •, a substantial companion website for adopters and their students that features videos, photos, links, and other online resources providing additional background, illustrations, and explanations of the materials covered in the casebook; icons placed throughout the casebook indicate that the website contains information of interest to the particular material 

Updated throughout, the Eighth Edition provides:
  • a unique blend of property doctrine and real-world practice, not only with practice tips but also by focusing on the subjects that practitioners need to know
  • a stimulating, challenging presentation that is also transparent; the book retains the subtlety of the classic texts but comments explicitly on the overlapping elements to ensure that students can see all the connections
  • a rich two-color design featuring photographs and diagrams
  • numerous examples richly illustrate the introduction of new material
  • a unique interactive element that teaches students how to read a land survey
  • a robust electronic version of the casebook, along with an online companion website featuring videos and practice-ready materials
  • new cases and new photos that differ from what was in the 7th Edition  

An iconic book with a contemporary feel, Property resonates with the late Jesse Dukeminier’s original wit and wisdom. Co-authors Gregory S. Alexander, Michael H. Schill, and Lior Jacob Strahilevitz keep it fresh, sharp, and up to date with this thoughtful and thorough revision.

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