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About the Book

New York Penal Law and Related Provisions

With Commentary

Markus D. Dubber
SUNY Buffalo Law School

2008. 702 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-7355-76513.

See also Markus D. Dubber, New York Criminal Law: Cases and Materials (Aspen 2008).

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About the Book

Designed primarily for use as a supplement in courses on American criminal law and New York criminal law, New York Penal Law and Related Provisions presents a representative selection of primary materials on New York criminal law with commentary and annotations:  

  • Full text of New York’s criminal code: the New York Penal Law
  • Excerpts from related statutes: Criminal Procedure Law, Correction Law, Judiciary Law, Public Health Law, Mental Hygiene Law, Vehicle & Traffic Law, Agriculture & Markets Law, Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, Banking Law, Environmental Conservation Law,  Family Court Act, General Business Law, Tax Law, Executive Law
  • Regulatory criminal law: provisions on prison management from NYCRR (N.Y. Codes, Rules and Regulations), “Risk Assessment Guidelines” under SORA (Sex Offender Registration Act)
  • Federal criminal law: mail fraud, RICO, money laundering
  • Local criminal law: selections from New York City Administrative Code
  • Model Penal Code: parts I & II included as crucial point of reference
  • Commentary and other supplementary materials: editor’s comments, statutory cross-references (including to the Model Penal Code), case annotations, summary chart of the analysis of criminal liability under New York law, list of New York criminal offenses outside the Penal Law

Preface / Sample Chapters