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About the Book

A Day in the Life of a Lawyer: Contracts Module

Front Cover - A Day in the Life of a Lawyer: Contracts Module

Susan M. Chesler, Arizona State
Patrick E. Longan, Mercer
Karen J. Sneddon, Mercer

Three 18-32 minute long videos accessible on
TM, PowerPoint Slides

About the Book

Video vignettes of scenarios that arise int he daily life of a practicing contracts lawyer, accompanied by a comprehensive Teacher's Manual with exercises to help prepare students for practice.

  • Justify CenterVideo vignettes addressing realistic scenarios that arise int he daily life of a practicing contracts lawyer, presenting issues of professionalism, skills, and ethics
  • Innovative resource for Contracts professors seeking to train students for "practice-readiness"
  • the first of five video modules, focusing on the 1L courses
  • Reasonably priced teaching resource addressing practice-readiness, one of the most pressing needs in contemporary legal education
  • Designed to be used alongside a casebook or textbook.
  • Comprehensive Teacher's Guide, including:
- Detailed Instruction about how to use the moduels
- A copy of teh case and scripts for each of the scenes; scene summaries
- Notations of the targeted knowledge, skills, and values
- Discussion questions and answers relating to each scene
- Exercises, including handouts, PowerPoint slides, assessment tools, and model answers for each scene

  • Addresses three components critical to a practicing lawyer: substantive knowledge, skills, and values.
  • Designed to be used in contracts, professional responsibility, and lawyering skills courses
  • Organized to adapt to varying professor needs/time frames
  • Includes three Parts: Part 1, Drafting a Contract; Part 2, Negotiating a Contracts; and Part 3, Finalizing a Contract
  • Each Scene can be used in whole or in part, either in the classroom or as an exercise outside of  class, to promote the incorporation of values, skills, and practical knowledge into the course.
  • PowerPoint slides that support each scene - both narrated and not narrated versions.