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About the Book

Scientific and Expert Evidence

Front Cover - Scientific and Expert Evidence

Second Edition

John M. Conley
University of North Carolina

Jane Campbell Moriarty
University of Akron

2011. 650 pages. ISBN:  978-0-7355-9446-3. With Teacher's Manual.

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About the Book

Provides a comprehensive treatment of the law and science relating to scientific and expert evidence through the use of representative cases, scientific readings at an appropriate level of difficulty, and the authors’ own introductions and explanatory notes. 


  • Presents complex issues in a clear and concise way, proceeding from scientific background to case examples to explanatory comments and questions
  • Comprehensive coverage ranges from forensics to medical causation to statistics to economic expert evidence
  • Cases, rules, and commentary are presented in the context of scientific knowledge
  • Good mixture of cases, journal articles, and excerpts from the Scientific Evidence Manual
  • Material in the statistics and the DNA chapters are technical, but explained with accessible, appropriate-level language that avoids superficial treatment of the issues
  • Enables students to develop a solid grounding in the methods and procedures of science and technology
  • Teaches students to become sophisticated consumers of expert evidence, capable of skeptical analysis of opposition claims and critical thought about theoretical problems of expert testimony
  • Explains the different goals and methods of law and science to allow students to discern when and how these differences can be harmonized
  • A comprehensive Teacher's Manual provides the authors’ analysis of the various cases and issues, questions to facilitate classroom discussion, and suggested useful problems and outside aids to supplement the written materials.

New to the Second Edition:

  • A lengthier explanation of basic statistical concepts, with more examples and illustrations, in both the text and the teacher's manual
  • A treatment of evolving DNA science, including expanded coverage of mitochondrial DNA analysis, toxicogenomics, and the vanishing notion of “junk” DNA (in both text and teacher's manual)
  • An expanded textual treatment of the sometimes-conflicting legal and scientific ideas of causation and proof
  • Additional economics cases