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About the Book

Principles of Law and Economics

Second Edition

Daniel H. Cole
Indiana University School of Law

Peter Z. Grossman
Butler University

2011. 450 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-0395-9. With Instructor's Manual.

About the Book

An overview of the interrelations between law and economics for students with little or no background in economics.


  • Approachable text that is neither too sophisticated nor too simplistic for students with little or no background in economics.
  • Flexible format allows students to start at an appropriate level.
    • Introductory chapters give an overview of economic theory and the structure of the U.S. legal system.
  • Clear, jargon-free analysis of cases such as United States v. Microsoft Corp.
  • Substantial treatment of high-interest topics such as environmental law, intellectual property, and game theory.
  • Separate chapter on the work of Ronald Coase, foundational to modern law and economics.
  • Thoughtful end-of-chapter questions and problems.
  • A comprehensive instructor’s manual will be included. 
  • Endorsement by Thomas C. Schelling, 2005 recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.