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International Trade Law, 2E

Front Cover - International Trade Law, 2E

Second Edition

Daniel C. K. Chow, The Ohio State University
Thomas J. Schoenbaum, George Washington University and International Christian University, Tokyo 

2012.  992 pages.  ISBN: 978-1-4548-0686-8.
With Teacherís Manual.

About the Book

Thanks to its manageable size, problem-based presentation, and accessible writing style, International Trade Law is one of the most comprehensive and student-friendly trade law texts on the market. It is the only international trade casebook that systematically covers all GATT articles and WTO side agreements, and offers clear explanations of how WTO obligations are implemented in the U.S. and the EU.

The Second Edition has been reorganized for more systematic coverage of GATT. Trade in goods is now thoroughly covered before other types of trade, such as services and intellectual property, are presented. In addition, treatment of GATS, trade involving China, and trade and civil society has been updated to include current issues.

Hallmark features of International Trade Law:
  • Manageable size and accessible style make this one of the most student-friendly trade law texts available.
  • Complete coverage of the GATTóthe only book to systematically cover all GATT articles together with all WTO side agreements.
  • Coverage focused on trade of goods.
  • Additional coverage of trade in services, technology, and foreign direct investment.
  • An emphasis on civil society issues such as the environment, human rights, and development as they relate to international trade.
  • Clear explanations of WTO obligations and their implementation in the U.S. and EU.  
  • Effective problems and hypotheticals.
  • Compelling, up-to-date cases.
  • Comprehensive Teacherís Manual offering detailed advice and answers to problems.
Thoroughly updated, the revised Second Edition offers:

  • Reorganized chapters to more systematically cover the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.
  • Complete coverage of trade in goods before other types of trade are examined in the final chapters (e.g., trade in services, trade in intellectual property).
  • Expanded coverage of trade issues involving China.
  • Expanded coverage of trade and civil society issues.
  • Expanded coverage of GATS.
  • Updated cases and problems.