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About the Book

Administrative Law: Cases and Materials 7E

Front Cover - Administrative Law: Cases and Materials 7E

Seventh Edition

Ronald A. Cass
Boston University

Colin S. Diver
President of Reed College

Jack M. Beermann
Boston University

Jody Freeman
Harvard Law School

2015. 994 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6698-5. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

This outstanding author team presents administrative law as a vital force in policymaking, law enactment, and politics.

Look for these key features of the new edition:

• Addition of important new cases on recess appointments, Chevron Step Two, “Seminole Rock” deference, occupational licensing, and FOIA Exemption 2
• Substantial enrichment of materials on formal adjudication under the APA
• Splitting of the policymaking chapter into two chapters (choice of policymaking instruments and rulemaking) for greater clarity and teaching flexibility
• Updating and streamlining of the materials on licensing 
• Presentation of important classic and secondary cases in squib format
• Substantial streamlining, condensing, and reorganizing of background notes

Preface / Sample Chapters