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About the Book

International Law

Seventh Edition

(the late) Barry E. Carter
Georgetown University

Allen S. Weiner
Stanford University

Duncan B. Hollis
Temple University

2018. Approx. 1250 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-9268-7. With Teacher's Manual.

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About the Book

International Law, Seventh Edition, is intended for use in an International Law survey course.  It provides comprehensive coverage of foundational international law questions, including the nature and sources of international law, core doctrinal topics such as the subjects of international law (states and international organizations) and the jurisdictional powers and immunities of states. The book also addresses key substantive topics in international law, with reference to important contemporary foreign policy issues, such as (i) international human rights, (ii) the law of the sea, (iii) international environmental law, (iv) the use of force and the law of armed conflict, and (v) international criminal law.  

New to the 7th edition:
  • New co-author Duncan Hollis of Temple Law School joins Stanford Law Schoolís Allen Weiner as the active authors of the book.
  • New discussions of major international developments, including the law governing the use of force (e.g., cyber operations and the military campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS)), nonproliferation (e.g., the Iranian and North Korean nuclear crises), the law of the sea (e.g., disputed maritime claims in the South China Sea), and international environmental law (e.g., the conclusion of the Paris Agreement).
  • New case study in Chapter 1 focused on the international response to the rise of ISIS.
  • Inclusion of extended excerpts from a number of major recent Supreme Court decisions related to international law, including Bond v. United States (on fundamental principles of federalism and the treaty power under Article VI of the Constitution), Zivotofsky v. Kerry (on the separation of powers between Congress and the President in the field of foreign affairs), and Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. (on the Alien Tort Statute).
  • A more comprehensive presentation of the law of treaties.
  • Adopts a modern, conceptual approach to the presentation of materials on statehood (including Palestinian claims to statehood), international organizations, and international dispute resolution.  
Benefits/main sales features of the book:
  • A comprehensive and effective blend of current issues and materials alongside traditional theories and concepts
  • A balanced combination of cases, excerpts, notes, questions, and other interdisciplinary materials representing a variety of perspectives (economics, international relations theory, etc.)
  • Starts with foundations of international law in terms of its sources (including treaties and customary international law, etc.) and its subjects (including states and international organizations), then turns to state jurisdictional authorities and limitations, and comprehensively addresses emerging areas of substantive international law
  • A distinctively accessible style, with clear organization, relevant cases, and problems
  • An analysis of the relationship between international and domestic law, both in the United States and other jurisdictions
  • Gives students exposure to such substantive topics as International Dispute Resolution, Human Rights, the Law of the Sea, Environmental Law, the Use of Force, and International Criminal Law
  • Provides flexibility for instructors to draw from different chapters and sections to develop customized syllabi tailored to their preferred version of an International Law course
  • A complete teaching package, including a Teacherís Manual and a recently updated document supplement