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About the Book

Legal Method and Writing

Seventh Edition

Charles R. Calleros, Professor of Law
Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University

ISBN: 978-1-4548-3099-3

About the Book

Highly regarded and classroom-proven, the Legal Method and Writing takes a comprehensive approach to legal writing that bridges law school and law office. Exercises and real-life examples—many taken from actual cases—provide stepping-off points from which to practice legal thinking and communication. Calleros seamlessly weaves multicultural themes into many of the problems and examples to add context and enrich student understanding of legal issues.

  • Comprehensive, practical approach to teaching and analysis skills
  • Anchors basic skills to examples familiar to first-year students and provides real-life examples tied to interesting cases, often with multicultural perspectives
  • Covers different types of legal writing and settings from law school to law offices to appellate court, with guidance of briefs, memos, pleadings, motions, contracts, letters, and more
  • Highly regarded for its effectiveness in showing how to apply legal reasoning skills to professional writing
  • Practical exercises give students an opportunity to sharpen skills