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About the Book

Criminal Procedure: Laying Down the Law


Robyn Scheina Brown


2009. 288 pages. Workbook. ISBN: 978-0-7355-7316-1.
Instructor's Manual with Test Bank, Exam Review Materials, and PowerPoint slides.
(Ancillary materials also included on CD-ROM.)

About the Book

Criminal Procedure: Laying Down the Law  is a hands-on workbook designed to help students understand the constitutional provisions that shape and guide the criminal justice system. Through a step-by-step approach to critically analyzing and applying constitutional concepts in hypothetical scenarios, Robyn Scheina Brown enables students to fully grasp the principal legal tenets of the criminal justice system. 

This exciting new workbook for courses on Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, or the Criminal Justice System features:

  • Two detailed hypothetical exercises in every chapter—one gives an answer with analysis, and the other is for the student to work through
  • Student checklists that guide students through a complicated analysis step by step
  • Easily digestible organization of materials, breaking criminal procedure down into its constitutional provisions, and showing how each relates to the criminal justice system
  • Clear and straightforward writing that sidesteps legal jargon, unpacks complex concepts, and explains how principles are applied in context
  • Two Supreme Court case excerpts—one landmark case and one recent case
  • Discussion questions and sample test questions
  • Manageable coverage and page count, at 288 pages
  • A detailed Instructor’s Manual that includes
    • Complete answers to discussion and case questions
    • Thorough analysis of the hypothetical exercises in each chapter
    • An extensive Test Bank that consists of detailed scenarios dealing with numerous constitutional provisions and multiple-choice questions

If you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to give your paralegal students a more effective and dynamic learning experience in this course area, you’ll want to look at Robyn Scheina Brown’s new student-friendly workbook, Criminal Procedure: Laying Down the Law.


Now available as an eBook!

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