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Processes of Constitutional Decisionmaking 6E

Summary of Contents

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The Constitution of the United States

Part I. Introduction: Background to the Constitution
1. The Bank of the United States: A Case Study
2. The Constitution in the Early Republic
3. Are We a Nation? The Jacksonian Era to the Civil War, 1835-1865
4. From Reconstruction to the New Deal: 1866-1934

Part II. Constitutional Adjudication in the Modern World
5. The New Deal and the Civil Rights Era
6. Federalism, Separation of Powers, and National Security in the Modern Era
7. Race and the Equal Protection Clause
8. Sex Equality
9. Liberty, Equality, and Fundamental Rights: The Constitution, the Family, and the Body
10. The Constitution in the Modern Welfare State

Table of Justices
Table of Cases