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About the Book

Aspen Handbook for Legal Writers: A Practical Reference 3E

Deborah E. Bouchoux

Third Edition

2013.  384 pages.  Comb bound.  ISBN:  978-1-4548-2520-3. With CD-ROM for Instructors with supplemental exercises.

About the Book

The Third Edition features new and updated examples as well as fresh Website references throughout the text.  More supplemental exercises appear on a companion web site.

Hallmark features of Aspen Handbook for Legal Writers: A Practical Reference:

  • brief and accessible reference on mechanics and style, a useful companion to any legal writing text
  • focus on the rules of grammar, style, and usage, targeted at the needs of legal writers
  • includes a section on Legal Documents
    o offers tips and strategies to improve legal writing. 
    o sample letter, memorandum, trial brief, and appellate brief included
  • numerous, helpful examples of both good and bad writing
  • practical approach helps with common problems and dilemmas
    o substitutions for “legalese”
    o lists of commonly used legal idioms
    o spelling help
    o advice on organization and the legal writing process
    o proofreading
    o document design
  • modeled on undergraduate handbooks
    o small trim size
    o comb-binding
    o two-color printing
    o helpful design elements to highlight important information
  • student-focused
    o Websites for each topic addressed
    o Tips and Strategies in each chapter to highlight key topics
    o Challenge Exercises in each chapter to test mastery
    o brief Table of Contents on the inside front cover and Style Sheet on the inside back cover for quick reference
  • helpful appendices
    o Citation Form (including both Bluebook and ALWD examples)
    o English as a Second Language
    o Glossary of Terms
    o Glossary of Usage
  • CD-ROM with supplemental exercises

Thoroughly updated, the revised Third Edition presents:

  • new examples throughout
  • fresh Website references
  • more supplemental exercises on a companion web site