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Crime Victimization and Victim Services: Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence

Summary of Contents


Section 1: General Issues in Victimization
Chapter 1:  Data Sources on Victimization
Chapter 2: An Introduction to Victimology
Chapter 3: History of the Victims’ Rights Movement 
Chapter 4: The Role of Victims in the Justice System
Chapter 5: Trauma-Informed Practices: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Victims
Chapter 6: Cultural Diversity and Victim Assistance: An Introduction 

Section 2: Criminal Victimization
Chapter 7: Intimate Partner Violence 
Chapter 8: Sexual Violence
Chapter 9: Homicide and Traumatic Death
Chapter 10: Information and Financial Crimes

Section 3: Specialized Populations and Locations
Chapter 11: Child Victimization
Chapter 12: Adolescent Relationship Abuse
Chapter 13: Victimization of the Elderly 
Chapter 14: Hate Crime in the United States
Chapter 15: Campus Crime and Victimization
Chapter 16: Aggression and Violence in the Workplace 

SECTION 4: Professional Issues in Victim Assistance
Chapter 17: Professionalization of the Victim Assistance Discipline
Chapter 18: Secondary Stress and Self-Care
Chapter 19: Conflict Management and the Criminal Justice System
Chapter 20: Ethics in Victim Services