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Community Property in California 7E

Summary of Contents

Note on the California Judiciary 

I. Introduction   
II. The History of California Community Property   
III. Definitional and Tracing Issues  
IV. Evidentiary Presumptions in California Community Property Law  
V. Variation of the Statutory Scheme: Premarital Contracts and Transmutation of Property During Marriage   
VI. Classification of Property   
VII. Management and Creditors’ Rights 
VIII. Inception and Termination of the Economic Community   
IX. Property Distribution at Divorce   
X. Property Distribution at Death    
XI. Choice of Law at Divorce and Death   
XII. Federal Pre-emption of State Marital Property Law California Statutory 

Selected Provisions from the California Family Code  
Selected Provisions from the California Civil Code  
Selected Provisions from the California Corporations Code  
Selected Provisions from the California Evidence Code  
California Financial Code, Section 1401  
Selected Provisions from the California Probate Code 

Table of Cases