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Contracts: Cases, Discussion, and Problems

Summary of Contents
Authors’ Note

Chapter 1: Introduction to Contracts
Chapter 2: Sales of Goods
Chapter 3: Contractual Assent and the Objective Test
Chapter 4: The Offer
Chapter 5: Acceptance
Chapter 6: Conflicting Standard Terms, the Battle of the Forms, and Late Notice of Standard Terms
Chapter 7: Preliminary, Incomplete, and Indefinite Agreements
Chapter 8: The Statute of Frauds
Chapter 9: Consideration
Chapter 10: Promissory Estoppel
Chapter 11: Options and Firm Offers
Chapter 12: Obligation Based on Unjust Enrichment and Material Benefit
Chapter 13: Policing Contracts for Improper Bargaining
Chapter 14: Illegality, Violation of Public Policy, and Lack of Contractual Capacity
Chapter 15: Contract Interpretation and Construction
Chapter 16: The Parol Evidence Rule
Chapter 17: Mistake and Excuse Due to Changed Circumstances
Chapter 18: Conditions and Promises
Chapter 19: Material Breach, Substantial Performance, and Anticipatory
Chapter 20: Introduction to Contract Damages and the ‘‘Benefit of the Bargain’’
Chapter 21: Contract Remedies in the Broader Context
Chapter 22: The Rights of Nonparties

Self-Assessment Questions
Table of Cases
Table of Secondary Sources
Table of Laws, Regulations, and Model Statutes