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Robert M. Bloom

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Robert M. Bloom, Professor of Law, has had legal experience in legal services, civil rights law, and as a criminal attorney, both a defense lawyer and prosecutor. He also has been a court-appointed master on complicated civil cases. He is the author of numerous publications in the area of criminal procedure and civil procedure.

Professor Bloom received the Ruth Arlene Howe Faculty Member of the Year award from the Black Law Students Association for the 2002-2003 academic year.


B.S., Northeastern University; J.D., Boston College.


Work in Progress: 
“The Story of Earls: Drug Testing in the Public Schools.” In Education Law Stories. New York: Foundation Press.

- Panelist and Lecturer on eyewitness and informant issues for ABA Criminal Justice Section. (Baltimore, Maryland November 2005)

- Member of the panel, "Dred Scott to Grutter: Civil Rights through the Years," for Black History Month at BC Law in February 2005

- Talk on terroism and the abuse of presidential power before board of overseers BC Law (Oct 2006)

- Presentation on American legal education at the Hyogoken Bar Association, Kobe, Japan, in October

Presentation on jury nullification and suggestions for implementing a mixed jury system in Japan, at the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations, Tokyo, Japan, in November

- On the subject of racial profiling at a discussion highlighting the acts of terrorism on September 11, sponsored by the Civil Rights Group at BC Law in January

- On racial profiling as part of a panel discussion sponsored by the Black American Law Student Association at BC Law in March.

- Grant Recipient-From the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State and in Partnership with Boston University School and Tomsk State University Law Faculty of Russia to assist in developing a law curriculum in Tomsk. (September 2002) In conjunction with this grant visited Tomsk State University (June 2003)(May 2005)

- Worked on a death penalty case in Oklahoma in 2006

- As update editor for Moore’s Federal Practice, he is responsible for Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 3, 6, 31–36, 77, and 81.
- Member of the BC Law Alumni Association Law Day Committee

Visiting professor at Kwansei Gakuin University, Nisinomiya, Japan

- Hosted a delegation from the Japanese Supreme Court. Hosted Dean Vladimir Utkin of the Law Institute of Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia, in April.

- Received the Ruth-Arlene Howe Award for Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year from the BC Law Black Law Students Association in April 2003.

- Quoted in numerous newspapers on the use of informants by the government. 

- Coach of the National Criminal Procedure Moot Court Team, won the competition at Seton Hall Law School in Newark, New Jersey, in March 2006 and 2007.


- Fall '06: Civil Procedure; Criminal Procedure; National Criminal Procedure Moot Court

- Spring '07: Civil Procedure; Criminal Procedure; Judicial Process


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