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Cases and Materials on Business Entities

Front Cover - Cases and Materials on Business Entities

Thorough and Timely Coverage of All Forms of Business Entities

Third Edition

Eric. A. Chiappinelli
Frank McDonald Endowed Professor of Law
Texas Tech University School of Law

2014. 960 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-3767-1. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Cases and Materials on Business Entities, intended for the basic course in Business Entities, encompasses corporations, agency, partnership, and LLCs. Its extended coverage of alternative business entities distinguishes it from the more limited corporations-focused coverage of most business entities texts. The author includes elaborate problems designed to help the students become practice-ready as well as enhanced coverage of LLCs and principal cases that were decided within the last 20 years. The recipient of numerous teaching awards and a former clerk at the California Supreme Court and the U.S. District court, Chiappinelli has taught, written, and practiced extensively in business entities, corporate law, securities regulation, and civil procedure.

Key Features in the Second Edition Include: 
New developments and cases  
Added emphasis on LLCs, which will be deeper and more up to date than other casebooks’ coverage
Revised Chapter 14 (the Enron chapter) that includes TARP and other bailout provisions
New in-depth problems created to help students develop practice-ready skills
Updated, comprehensive Teacher’s Manual, with suggested syllabi, including suggestions for (a) using different casebooks and (b) variously focusing on all entities, some entities, and corporations alone; teaching notes and discussion pointers; additional problems
PowerPoint slides covering all principal cases are available from the author

Preface / Sample Chapters