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About the Book

Land Transfer and Finance: Cases and Materials

Front Cover - Land Transfer and Finance: Cases and Materials

Sixth Edition

Curtis J. Berger
late of Columbia University

Quintin Johnstone
late of Yale Law School

Marshall Tracht
New York Law School

2011. 1,072 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-9854-6. With Teacher's Manual.

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About the Book

A casebook designed for an upper-class course in real estate transactions and/or financing that is intended to appeal both to those professors who prefer to focus on the taxation and financing aspects of a transaction, and to those who choose to concentrate on the contractual and title areas.


  • A thorough foundation in land transfer law and a solid doctrinal framework in contract, financing, taxation, and titles
  • Provides legal and historical background on the subject of land transactions that will be useful to students when they later practice law
  • Comprehensive coverage of the law relevant to various kinds of land transactions, with an emphasis on the major participants in the land sale and lending markets, the role of these participants, their business concerns, and their legal rights and duties
  • Gives special consideration to many of the more troublesome legal and policy problems in the land transaction field and alternative possible solutions to these problems
  • Includes many judicial opinions illustrating important issues of law concerning land transactions and the major participants in land transaction markets 
  • Cases selected to help demonstrate variations in the design of real-world land transactions and the frequent complexity of these transactions
  • Materials develop studentsí ability to critically evaluate legal problems and propose solutions to these problems that best serve the partiesí business objectives within the applicable legal constraints
  • Provides helpful appendices, including a glossary of real estate terms and some sample form documents

New to the Sixth Edition:

  • Extensive consideration in Chapter 2 of changes pertaining to real estate mortgage markets, including changes pertaining to those markets that soon may occur following termination of that crisis
  • Significantly revised Chapter 7, Part D (Securitization)
  • Expanded material in Chapter 7, Part E (Valuing Real Estate and Investments) to include a brief section on the basic business and finance considerations in real estate development and investment
  • Updated tax material
  • Updates of nearly all of the explanatory text, article excerpts, and notes
  • Updated Teacher's Manual, further developed and with expanded discussions