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About the Book

Evidence: Skills, Strategies, and Assignments for Pretrial and Trial

Front Cover - Evidence:  Skills, Strategies, and Assignments for Pretrial and Trial

Marilyn J. Berger
Seattle University

John B. Mitchell
Seattle University

Ronald H. Clark
Seattle University

2011. 351 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-0749-4. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Evidence: Skills, Strategies and Assignments and the Freck Point trial demonstration movie on DVD provide practical instruction on evidence proficiencies and strategies for pretrial and trial advocacy.


  • Role-play assignments provide 49 real-world experiences in applying skills and strategies in pretrial and trial settings in the Freck Point civil wrongful death and/or criminal homicide case
  • Case files, witness instructions and exhibits for the role-play assignments
  • Evidentiary Handbook based on the Federal Rules of Evidence and typical of  a state evidence manual contains evidence law and model evidentiary foundations for the assignments and to perfect skills
  • Trial demonstration movie on DVD of the Freck Point wrongful death case illustrates how to introduce, display exhibits, and lay evidentiary foundations
  • Instruction on making and meeting objections, introducing and displaying exhibits, and making and responding to motions
  • Ethical considerations for evidence pretrial and in trial are examined
  • Teacherís Manual provides realistic, educational, and enjoyable teaching information