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About the Authors

Marilyn J. Berger

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Photo - Marilyn J. Berger
B.S., Cornell University
J.D., University of California/Berkeley; Moot Court, A. Reginald Heber Smith Community Lawyer fellow

Professor Berger has been a visiting professor of law at South Bank Polytechnic, London, and at Kyoto University, Japan, and a scholar-in-residence at the University of London and Washington University in St. Louis.

Professor Berger is the Director of the Comprehensive Trial Advocacy Program and also the Director of Films for Justice Institute at Seattle University School of Law.

Professor Berger is co-author (with Professors John Mitchell, Ronald Clark, and Monique Leahy) of Pretrial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy (Aspen, 3rd Ed, 2010). Along with co-authors, John Mitchell and Ronald Clark, she also authored Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy (Aspen, 2nd Ed. 2008), Trial Advocacy: Assignments and Case Files (Aspen, 2008).


John B. Mitchell

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Photo - John B. Mitchell
B.A., University of Wisconsin/Madison
J.D., Stanford Law School; Stanford Law Review editor

Professor Mitchell's wide ranging career has included: private practice in his own law firm in San Francisco, where he specialized in criminal litigation (1970-75); consultant to public and private defense attorneys concerning trial, motions and appellate strategies (1973-1982); and director of legal training for the Seattle office of Perkins Coie where, while away from the law school, he developed a two-year training curriculum for new associates in business and litigation (1988-90). Professor Mitchell authored Assisted Suicide - Nine Issues to Consider (U. Michigan Press, 2007). He is also co-author (with Professor Marilyn Berger and Practitioner in Residence Ronald Clark) of four advocacy textbooks published by Wolters Kluwer - Trial Advocacy: Planning Analysis, and Strategy (4th ed., 2014); Pretrial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy (3rd ed., 2010); Trial Advocacy: Assignments and Casefiles (2nd ed., 2011); Evidence: Skills, Strategies, and Assignments For Pretrial and Trial (2011) - and co-author (with Rick Barron) of Evidence: Lexis/Nexis Skills and Values (2009).


Ronald H. Clark

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Photo - Ronald H. Clark
B.A., University of Washington
J.D., Willamette University

Professor Clark is a nationally known lecturer and author. He is the Principal of Prosecution Services, LLC, which provides continuing legal education and publications. He has lectured at over 40 national courses and for numerous state associations. He has been awarded both the Distinguished Faculty Award and a Lecturer of Merit Award by the National College of District Attorneys as well as the Deanís Award of Honor. The Washington Association Prosecuting Attorneys awarded him the Presidentís Award of Merit.

Professor Clark has written several books, including co-authoring two books with Seattle University Professors Marilyn Berger and John Mitchell, Pretrial Advocacy and Trial Advocacy, published by Aspen. He also wrote Making and Meeting Objections (Evidence Handbook for Washington Trial Lawyers). He served as the Chief Author for the Criminal Trial Practice and Techniques Chapter of the Washington Practice Manual.