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Legal Writing for Legal Readers

Summary of Contents

The Chapter Before the First

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Law
Chapter 3. Rules, Facts, and Reading Cases with a Purpose
Chapter 4. Deciphering Opinions
Chapter 5. More About Rules (Just as We Promised)
Chapter 6. Using Authority to Find Rules: Hierarchy and Rule Synthesis
Chapter 7. How Do I Find Legal Authority?: Planning and Recording Research
Chapter 8. Statutes as Authority
Chapter 9. Organizing an Analysis
Chapter 10. Turning Your Outline Into a Written Analysis
Chapter 11. Using Cases in the Rule Explanation
Chapter 12. The A of CRExAC: Applying Rules to Facts and Using Analogies and Distinctions
Chapter 13. The Parts of a Research Memorandum
Chapter 14. The Parts of a Research Memorandum (Part B): Including Context Cues for Legal Readers
Chapter 15. Using Citations Effectively: Citation Form
Chapter 16. The Writing Part of Legal Analysis and Writing: Clarity, Precision, Simplicity, and Everything Else that Makes Legal Writing Readable
Chapter 17. Correspondence
Chapter 18. Writing Demand Letters
Chapter 19. Complaints: An Introduction
Chapter 20. The Motion Memo
Chapter 21. Writing Motions in Criminal Cases
Chapter 22. An Introduction to the Role and Mechanics of Persuasion