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Putting Skills Into Practice: Legal Problem Solving and Writing for New Lawyers

Summary of Contents

The Lawyer as Writer: Applying Legal Writing Theory to Law Practice

Part I. Analysis Development: Generating and Evaluating Legal Ideas
Chapter 1. Analyzing Legal Questions
Chapter 2. Cross-Decision Interpretive Analysis

Part II. The Drafting Stage: Moving from Generating Ideas to Presenting Them
Chapter 3. Using the Preliminary Drafting Stage: Understanding the Writing Process
Chapter 4. Predictive Writing
Chapter 5. Persuasive Writing
Chapter 6. Fundamentals of Agreement Drafting

Part III. The Finalizing Phase: Perfecting the Presentation
Chapter 7. Refining and Editing Legal Writing
Chapter 8. Working with Feedback

Appendix 1: Illustration of Cross-Decision Interpretive Analysis
Appendix 2: Illustration of Handling Legal Ambiguities in Different Documents
Appendix 3: Samples of Predictive Writing
Appendix 4: Sample of Persuasive Writing
Appendix 5: Sample Agreement