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About the Book

Putting Skills Into Practice: Legal Problem Solving and Writing for New Lawyers

Front Cover - Putting Skills Into Practice: Legal Problem Solving and Writing for New Lawyers

Daniel L. Barnett
Professor of Law
Director of Legal Writing
William S. Richardson School of Law
University of Hawai'i at Manoa

2014. 208 pages. 978-1-4548-1821-2. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

With a practical focus on persuasive writing strategy, Putting Skills Into Practice identifies and explores three processes of persuasive writing—logos, pathos, and ethos—and provides a thorough introduction to the elements of rhetorical style. This text fills a unique market niche for advanced legal writing courses that focus primarily on persuasive writing techniques.

Look for these key features:
Covers discussion of cognitive psychology, pathos persuasion, and the role of metaphor in persuasive legal writing.
Includes a new section on the stylistic device of alliterative antithesis.
More modern ads included in the section on rhetorical analysis in television commercials.
Teaches effective strategies that extend beyond the trial or appellate brief to a broad range of documents and settings.

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