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International Law and Armed Conflict: Fundamental Principles and Contemporary Challenges in the Law of War

Summary of Contents

Ch. 1. Foundations
Ch. 2. Basic Principles
Ch. 3. Historical Development of LOAC
Ch. 4. What is Armed Conflict?
Ch. 5. Classifying Conflicts
Ch. 6. The Law of Belligerent Occupation
Ch. 7. Combatants
Ch. 8. Civilians
Ch. 9. Battlefield Status in Non-International Armed Conflict
Ch. 10. Identifying Targets: Legitimate Targets and Protected Objects
Ch. 11. Planning and Launching Attacks
Ch. 12. Means and Methods: Weapons and Tactics
Ch. 13. Training and the Modern Judge Advocate
Ch. 14. Accountability for Violations of LOAC