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Federal Courts: Contexts, Cases, and Problems, 2E

Summary of Contents


Chapter 1. The Federal Court System: Structure and Themes
Chapter 2. Justiciability and the Judicial Function
Chapter 3. Congressional Control of Federal Jurisdiction and Decisionmaking
Chapter 4. Allocation of Jurisdiction to Non-Article III Tribunals
Chapter 5. “Arising Under” Jurisdiction
Chapter 6. Diversity Jurisdiction
Chapter 7. Augmenting Federal Courts’s Power Through the Exercise of Supplemental and Removal Jurisdiction
Chapter 8. The Eleventh Amendment and State Sovereign Immunity
Chapter 9. The Special Case of Section 1983
Chapter 10. Protecting State Courts from Interference by Federal Courts
Chapter 11. Federal Courts' Power to Make Federal Law
Chapter 12. The Original Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and Appellate Jurisdiction in the Federal Courts
Chapter 13. Habeas Corpus

Appendix A: Transcript of Articles of Confederation
Appendix B: Constitution for the United States of America
Appendix C: Selected Statutes
Table of Cases