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An Analytical Approach to Evidence: Text, Problems, and Cases 6E

Summary of Contents

Introduction to the Study of Evidence 
Special Notice on Citations 

CHAPTER 1.  The Case of People v. Johnson 
CHAPTER 2.  The Process of Proof: How Trials Are Structured 
CHAPTER 3.  Relevance, Probative Value, and the Rule 403 Dangers
CHAPTER 4.  Foundation 
CHAPTER 5.  The Character, Propensity, and Specifi c Acts Rules 
CHAPTER 6.  The Other Relevance Rules 
CHAPTER 7.  The Impeachment and Rehabilitation of Witnesses 
CHAPTER 8.  The Hearsay Rule 
CHAPTER 9.  Lay Opinions and Expert Witnesses 
CHAPTER 10. The Process of Proof in Civil and Criminal Cases:
             Burdens of Proof, Judicial Summary and Comment,
                   and Presumptions
CHAPTER 11. Judicial Notice 
CHAPTER 12. Privileges 

Table of Cases 
Table of Authorities