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About the Book

An Analytical Approach to Evidence: Text, Problems, and Cases 6E

Front Cover - An Analytical Approach to Evidence: Text, Problems, and Cases 6E

Sixth Edition

Ronald J. Allen
Northwestern University 

Eleanor Swift
University of California, Berkeley 

David S. Schwartz
University of Wisconsin

Michael S. Pardo
University of Alabama 

Alex Stein
Brooklyn Law School

2016. 1128 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6298-7.

About the Book

An Analytical Approach to Evidence: Text, Problems, and Cases, Sixth Edition is a problem-based Evidence coursebook that presents the Federal Rules of Evidence in context, illuminates the rules’ underlying theories and perspectives, and provides a fully updated and systematic account of the law. The material is presented primarily through straightforward explanatory text. Lively discussion and interesting problems (rather than numerous appellate case excerpts) engage students in understanding the principles, policies, and debates that surround evidence law.

Hallmark features of An Analytical Approach to Evidence: Text, Problems, and Cases:
• An opening transcript from an actual criminal law case illustrates how evidence is admitted and excluded in practice—Chapter Two on the trial process can be taught with the transcript or separately 
• A wide range of real-world problems exposes students to the depth and complexity of the Rules of Evidence 
• Every chapter addresses basic rules interpretation, essential policy, and connects theory to practice
• Teacher’s Manual includes sample syllabi for both 4- and 3-credit courses, transition guide for each chapter, teaching guidance, and answers to all the problems in the book

Thoroughly updated, the Sixth Edition presents:
• New co-author Alex Stein (Cardozo), who has published widely in areas of evidence, economic analysis of law, and general legal theory, and brings a wealth of expertise to the sixth edition
• Discussion of fundamental moral questions
• Discussion of allocation of authority between judges and juries
• Rules’ effects on both primary (non-litigation) and litigation behavior
• Additional pedagogical elements, format redesign, and simplifying notes/questions to increase appeal to students (without sacrificing intellectual sophistication)
• New assessment problems with answers allow students to test themselves and prepare for exams