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About the Book

International Intellectual Property in an Integrated World Economy 3E

Front Cover - International Intellectual Property in an Integrated World Economy 3E

Third Edition

Frederick M. Abbott
Edward Ball Eminent Scholar
Professor of International Law
Florida State University, Tallahassee

Thomas Cottier
Professor of European and International Economic Law
University of Berne
Managing Director, World Trade Institute
And the Institute of European and International Economic Law, Berne

Francis Gurry
Director General
World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva

2015. Approx. 820 Pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-4949-0. With Teacher's Manual. 

About the Book

A comprehensive introduction to the global system regulating the field of intellectual property rights, including how the treatment of IP may affect a broad range of social and political interests.  

Key New Features

Inclusion of important jurisprudential developments, including recent EU Court of Justice decisions clarifying permissible acts in relation to copyrighted computer software and restricting enforcement of intellectual property rights in relation to goods in transit; Indian Supreme Court case law involving patentability standards, and; US Supreme Court decisions adopting international exhaustion for copyright, and limiting patentability of genetic materials and information found in nature.
Explains the new European Union Patent System, as well as the new EU IP border measures regulation
Describes developments relating to investment and trade disputes involving patents and trademark
Reviews ongoing regional and plurilateral trade and investment negotiating efforts that potentially change intellectual property norms and enforcement obligations

Preface / Sample Chapters