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About the Book

Family Law and Public Policy

Front Cover - Family Law and Public Policy

Laura M. Walker
Assistant Professor
George Mason University 

2015. 550 Pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-1256-2. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Family Law and Public Policy provides undergraduate students with a broad-based, open-minded approach to an important area of government regulation. The book covers the essential policies and legal rules for a variety of family personal autonomy issues. Family Law and Public Policy gives professors of government, political science, public policy, sociology, family studies, and women’s studies a tool they have long been missing that will serve them in helping students form an unbiased understanding of the societal options and ultimate choices for the welfare of children and families within the context of protecting personal autonomy and meeting collective goals.

Key Features
• Thorough explanations of each topic, including historical perspectives.
• Easy to read text that avoids legalese.
• Concisely excerpted cases and articles.
• Margin notes that help both students and new professors better understand legal terminology in court cases.
• Knowledge and Analysis sections throughout the text add meaningful information and make it easy for professors and students to become intellectually engaged with the material.
• Terminology reviews throughout the book allow professors and students to identify key words and phrases.
• Chapters conclude with concrete suggestions for follow-up learning,  providing ideas for student essays, projects, and new research.
• The book, written by an author with both legal and public policy expertise, integrates law and policy so the book is useful in multiple academic disciplines.
• Sample forms, relevant photos of key individuals, and personal vignettes provide meaningful ways for students to connect with the material.
• Clear organization and sequencing of topics allows a semester course to flow smoothly from introductory to more complex material.
• The book remains objective and allows students to more readily understand and appreciate opposing points of view.

Preface / Sample Chapters