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About the Book

Torts: Cases and Materials 4E

Front Cover - Torts: Cases and Materials 4E

Fourth Edition

Aaron Twerski
Irwin and Jill Cohen Professor of Law
Brooklyn Law School 

James A. Henderson, Jr.
Frank B. Ingersoll Professor of Law, Emeritus 
Cornell Law School

W. Bradley Wendel
Professor of Law
Cornell Law School

2017. 1,000 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7575-8. 

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About the Book

Modeled on the venerable Prosser casebook, but intended to be modern, streamlined, accessible, and yet sophisticated, this book is designed for a three- to four-hour introductory Torts course. Student feedback consistently praises the book for being clear, user-friendly, and not playing hide-the-ball like so many other casebooks. Features like challenging hypotheticals and authors’ dialogues allow instructors to probe more deeply into ambiguous or developing areas of law. 

New to the Fourth Edition

Continued integration of the Third Restatement throughout the book, including caselaw development following the new Restatement (particularly in the area of foreseeability, duty, and proximate cause). Many new principal and note cases, hypotheticals, and explanatory notes.  

Casebook Features: 

Designed to clarify the law, not further befuddle students. Explanations, note cases, and hypotheticals are aimed at increasing understanding. Written in the authors’ voices, the book tries to be plain-spoken and transparent about both the law and the authors’ pedagogical goals. The comprehensive Teachers’ Manual similarly tries to inform instructors about developing issues, point out important secondary literature, and answer the questions raised in the notes and hypotheticals. For the Fourth Edition, the authors added numerous recent cases, both in the notes and as principal cases, while pruning out old material to reduce unnecessary bulk. The objective is, as before, to create a book that is teachable, accessible, and even fun, while also representing a serious introduction to the subject. 

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