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About the Book

Information Privacy Law

Sixth Edition

Daniel J. Solove
John Marshall Harlan Research Professor of Law
George Washington University Law School 

Paul M. Schwartz
Jefferson E. Peyser Professor of Law
U.C. Berkeley School of Law
Faculty Director, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology 

2017. 1,272 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-9275-5. With Teacher's Manual

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About the Book

A clear, comprehensive, and cutting-edge introduction to the field of information privacy law, with the latest cases and materials exploring issues of emerging technology and information privacy, the extensive background information and authorial guidance provide clear and concise introductions to various areas of law. Information Privacy Law has been revised to include four new chapters, expanded coverage on a number of topics, and a new approach to covering statutes and regulations. 

Professors will benefit from:
Much more extensive coverage of FTC privacy enforcement, HIPAA and HHS enforcement, standing in privacy lawsuits, among other topics.
Four new chapters, including chapters devoted exclusively to data security, national security, employment privacy, and education privacy. 
New approach to covering statutes and regulations. Instead of long expository introductions summarizing the statutes/regulations, exposition is interspersed with notes and questions or cases.  This approach will make complicated laws like HIPAA and FCRA more engaging and easier to teach. 

Students will benefit from:
The latest cases including those involving Hulu, Apple, Google, Snapchat, and others. 
New section on government surveillance and freedom to explore ideas.
Extensive coverage of the NSA and the Snowden revelations and the ensuing litigation.