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About the Book

Moot Court Workbook: Finding Educational Success and Competition Glory

Front Cover - Moot Court Workbook: Finding Educational Success and Competition Glory

Suzianne D. Painter-Thorne
Mercer Law

Karen J. Sneddon
Mercer Law

2017. Approx. 250 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7007-4.

About the Book

Moot Court Workbook: Finding Educational Success and Competition Glory recognizes that moot court provides students valuable experience beyond the competitive aspect: It offers an opportunity to participate a range of lawyerly skills, such as collaborating, scheduling, and managing stress, in addition to honing the skills of legal analysis, research, persuasive writing, and oral advocacy.  This workbook enhances the educational and practical experience of moot court, including the development of professional identity, and offers basic information students need to perform well in Moot Court and to cultivate professional skills that will make them successul after graduation.  Designed to be accessible to students regardless of the structure of the law school moot court program, it uses active learning techniques to engage students and to help them learn and retain core content. The active learning materials, organized around four general categories, are comprehensive in topic coverage from negotiating the intraschool selection process to processing the final interschool competition results. To complement the experiential learning opportunity presented by moot court, the workbook uses minimal prose and instead aim to engage the reader with various active learning exercises.

Hallmark features of Moot Court Workbook: Finding Educational Success and Competition Glory:
  • A focus on active learning—with annotated examples drawn from filed briefs and oral arguments, exercises, tip sheets, rubrics, and checklists—promotes the development of self-regulated learning by situating moot court preparation within the overall law school experience
  • The authors draw from their experience as professors who teach legal writing (including persuasive writing and oral argument), coaches of moot court teams, and judges of moot court competitions.
  • Clear organization and descriptive headings ensure easy access to relevant topics
  • Workbook topics are designed to advance students’ understanding and use of persuasive advocacy skills without limitation to a particular competition problem.
  • Examples and exercises (with suggested answers) are drawn from a variety of subject areas
  • Worksheets, checklists, and a chapter-end “Tips and Takeaways” section enhance the book’s practical focus
  • An abundance of materials on the companion website will be offered to support both the professor and student:
o Professor materials include PowerPoint slides and a thorough and comprehensive Teacher’s Manual (with sample syllabi for each type of Moot Court program, strategies for the in-class and out-of-class use of the material, a selection of additional exercises and assignments, sample class notes, and a range of assessment tools)
o Student materials include bonus worksheets, sample forms, flow charts depicting key events in preparing for and participating in moot court, FAQ,  additional customizable checklists and exercises, and video scripts to provide an opportunity for role-playing
o The book can also be used in upper-level writing classes focused on advanced persuasive skills, clinical courses with an appellate advocacy component, and courses with simulations of advanced appellate advocacy