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About the Book

Just Research, 5E

Front Cover - Just Research, 5E

Fifth Edition

Laurel Oates

Anne Enquist

2017. Approx. 164 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-8651-8. 

About the Book

Just Research provides students with the information and skills that will enable them to do thorough and cost-effective research as soon as they enter into practice. Highly respected authors Laurel Currie Oates and Anne Enquist describe the sources that can be used to research the most common types of legal issues, for example, issues governed by state statutes and regulations, issues governed by federal statutes and regulations, issues governed by local law, and issued governed by common law.

New to the Fifth Edition
An electronic supplement is no longer part of the book 
Text has been tightened to provide an extremely concise resource for students. 

Casebook Benefits
Introduces students to different types of authority, finding tools, and cite checking in a very concise book.
Exercises that provide students the opportunity to apply what they are learning.
Quizzes that test students understanding.
A timely focus on cost-effective legal research and the availability of free sources
Practice Pointers that provide students with information that will give them an advantage when they enter practice.   

Preface / Sample Chapters