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About the Book

Twenty-First Century Procedure, 2E

Front Cover - Twenty-First Century Procedure, 2E

Second Edition

Christopher B. Mueller
Henry S. Lindsley Professor of Law
University of Colorado School of Law

2017. Approx. 1,450 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7664-9. 

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With Teacher's Manual. 

About the Book

Twenty-First Century Procedure presents the major themes of U.S. civil litigation – the adversary system, our dedication to the use of juries in civil cases, our American brand of federalism and its impact on the judicial system and litigation generally, and the relatively recent development of managerial judging – for an introductory course on civil procedure. With its contemporary perspective, Twenty-First Century Procedure includes discussion of modern problems, such as E-discovery and the requirement of careful scrutiny during the certification stage of class suits. The skillful pedagogy evident throughout the book is designed to provide context for the understanding of doctrines and issues, and to stimulate classroom discussion. Expository text introduces students to the issues, followed by carefully edited cases that resolve some of the more important isssues, practical Problems, and Notes and Questions that aid the process of analysis. Pictures and sidebars provide additional context and pique student interest. A statutory supplement is published annually.

New to the Second Edition:

  • The introductory material previously found in Chapters 1 and 2 in the first edition have been condensed and merged into a single chapter entitled “Procedure and the System,” with most of the cases formerly found in Chapter 2 now presented in summary form.
  • The material on personal jurisdiction (now found in Chapter 2) has been revised:  Now the text includes a description of the 2014 decision in the Fiore case and a sharply edited version of the decision in that same year in the Daimler case, and notes that describe the earlier decision in the Goodyear case that was included in the first edition.
  • The new edition consolidates the material on pretrial and discovery (now both are included in Chapter 8), and includes substantial revisions of the material on discovery of experts.

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