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About the Book

Sex Offenders: Crimes and Processing in the Criminal Justice System

Front Cover - Sex Offenders: Crimes and Processing in the Criminal Justice System

Sean Maddan
University of Tampa

Lynn Pazzani
University of West Georgia

2017. Approx. XXX pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-5034-2. 

With Teacher's Manual, Test Bank, and Powerpoint Slides.

About the Book

This book is about sex offenders.  Whereas most books will focus on either sex crimes or sexual deviance, this book examines the entire etiology of sex crimes. This includes discussions of the nature of sex crimes, sexual deviance, and, maybe most importantly, the processing of sex offenders through the criminal justice system.  This includes sex offender interactions with law enforcement, the courts, and corrections.  Corrections for sex offenders encompasses a myriad of programs: prison, sex offender registration and notification, civil commitments, residence restrictions, and treatment. One unique aspect of this book is its focus on criminal justice systemís treatment of sex offenders, given scant if any coverage in other books.