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About the Book

Criminal Law: Cases and Materials

Front Cover - Criminal Law: Cases and Materials

Eighth Edition

John Kaplan (Deceased)
Stanford University

Robert Weisberg
Stanford Law School

Guyora Binder
State University of New York at Buffalo 

2017. Approx. 1150 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6821-7. 

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With Teacher's Manual, Transition Guide, and Snapshot Review Guidelines.

About the Book

Criminal Law: Cases and Materials has long been respected for its distinguished authorship. The late John Kaplan’s extraordinary work continues with the scholarship of Robert Weisberg and Guyora Binder. This casebook’s renowned interdisciplinary approach fuels class discussion as it enriches study. Logically organized, the text addresses the purposes and limits of punishment and considers the meaning and types of crime. Well-edited cases, interesting materials, and clear notes combine with cutting-edge issues and important social questions, such as who and why we punish. Especially strong are the discussions on the death penalty, rape, and other forms of sexual assault as well as sentencing proportionality, possession crimes, and felony murder.

New to the Eighth Edition:

  • Improved Teachers’ Manual designed to make casebook accessible and useful for new professors.
  • Addition of up-to-date empirical and public policy research as well as expanded discussion of issues of modern concern, including the influence of race on the administration of the criminal justice system, mass incarceration, and prosecutorial discretion. 
  • Incorporation of recent changes in the law, in such areas as mens rea, statutory interpretation, sentencing, and the Eighth Amendment. 
  • Updated notes and questions aimed at improving the casebook’s usefulness for exam preparation.  

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