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Criminal Law and its Processes: Cases and Materials 10E

Front Cover - Criminal Law and its Processes: Cases and Materials 10E

Tenth Edition

Sanford H. Kadish (Deceased)
Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

Stephen J. Schulhofer
New York University

Rachel E. Barkow
New York University

2016. Approx. 1376 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7380-8.

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With Transition Guide and Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

From a preeminent authorship team, Criminal Law and its Processes: Cases and Materials, 10e, continues in the tradition of its best-selling predecessors by providing students not only with a cohesive policy framework through which they can understand and examine the use of criminal laws as a means for social control but also analytic tools to understand and apply important criminal law doctrines. Instead of presenting the elements of various crimes in a disjointed fashion, Criminal Law and its Processes: Cases and Materials focuses on having students develop a nuanced understanding of the underlying principles, rules, and policy rationales that inform all criminal laws. A cases-and-notes pedagogy along with scholarly excerpts, questions, and notes, provides students with a rich foundation for not only the academic examination of criminal laws but also the application of the law to real-world scenarios.  



New to the Tenth Edition:


·      Retains prior edition’s principal cases and Notes and Questions approach to explain and probe fundamental concepts.


·      Notes updated to incorporate contemporary cases and recent news touching on criminal law


·      Inclusion of additional preeminent cases in the field of criminal law, including:


       Yates v. United States, 135 S. Ct. 1074, (Supreme Court application of common statutory interpretation techniques and the rule of lenity)


       Rosamond v. United States,134 S. Ct. 1240(Supreme Court examination of accomplice liability)


       Elonis v. United States, 135 S. Ct. 2001 (Supreme Court examination of appropriate mens rea to apply in the absence of statutory guidance)


       Perry v. Florida, 155 So. 3d 390 (examination of the agreement requirement for conspiracy through the lens of a Florida sexual battery offense).

       People v. Williams, 305 P.3d 1241 (Cal. 2013) (examining whether a “felonious taking” may be accomplished through false pretenses)

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