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About the Book

Contract Law: A Case and Problem-Based Approach

Front Cover - Contract Law: A Case and Problem-Based Approach

Marco Jimenez
Stetson University

2016. 688 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6330-4.

With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Contract Law: A Case & Problem-Based Approach is a unique casebook that provides an organizational structure introducing students to each major area of contract law before exploring these areas in greater depth later in the casebook. Specifically, the casebook is broken into three major parts, each of which is designed not only to orient the students to the major subject areas of contract law, but is also meant to help them appreciate the connections and relationships between and among these subject various areas. Part I, the “30,000 foot view,” familiarizes students with contract law, discusses the sorts of problems with which contract law is concerned, and introduces them to some of the basic rules and theories governing contract law. Part II, the “10,000 foot view,” exposes students to each major substantive area of contract law in more depth by discussing one classic case in each area, along with additional historical, theoretical, and contextual materials to supplement the black-letter doctrine. After finishing Parts I and II, the student will have a good understanding of each major area of contract law, along with a good understanding of how these parts fit together. Part III is therefore designed to explore each of the major subject areas in greater depth, and is organized along the lines of a traditional contracts casebook, including a healthy mix of classic and modern cases, short problems, and exercises.

Key Features: 

  • Unique three-part design allows students to gain an appreciation of all parts of contract law and master not only the black-letter law but also the connections among all areas of contract law.
  • Brief introductions before each major section, along with thought questions designed to guide the students’ reading.
  • Short problems and drafting exercises throughout the book to test the students’ understanding of material presented in the casebook and during classroom discussion.
  • “Thinking tools,” which are designed to help the student think critically about the law itself, along with theoretical, historical, doctrinal, contextual, and practice-oriented notes to enrich the students’ black-letter experience.
  • A healthy balance of classic and modern cases to illustrate major contract law concepts.

Preface / Sample Chapters