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About the Book

Civil Procedure: A Coursebook 3e

Front Cover - Civil Procedure: A Coursebook 3e

Third Edition 

Joseph W. Glannon
Suffolk University

Andrew M. Perlman
Suffolk University

Peter Raven-Hansen
George Washington University

2017. 1376 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-8142-1.

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With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Civil Procedure: A Coursebookprovides solid scholarship but does not hide the ball. The book’s accessibility, organization, and interior design support its innovative pedagogy. 

New to the Third Edition

Recent (Dec. 1, 2015) rule amendments abrogate the federal forms and make important changes to the discovery rules. The third edition reflects both sets of changes and includes provocative new materials on the revitalized proportionality standard of discovery and the ethical requirements for competency in electronic discovery, in addition to other smaller updates.

Casebook Features:

  • Nearly all questions asked are answered in the book
  • Each chapter includes mini table of contents at beginning and summary of fundamentals at end
  • Each case prefaced by accessible introduction
  • Interior design and graphics support innovative pedagogy
  • In-depth Teacher’s Manual and superb website

Preface / Sample Chapters