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Regulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and Ethics, Concise Edition

Front Cover - Regulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and Ethics, Concise Edition

Concise Edition

Stephen Gillers
New York University

2015. 552 Pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-5645-0. With Teacher's Manual and Annual Statutory Supplement.

About the Book

Writing in his direct and lively style, Stephen Gillers explores the subtleties and nuances of the legal and ethical rules governing lawyers and judges. From great teaching cases, timely materials, and realistic problems, students come away with new insight, equipped to detect and avoid improper conduct over the course of their professional careers.

Refined through years of classroom use, this casebook offers:
Concise coverage of the regular casebook. 120 pages shorter than the Tenth Edition, the Concise Edition offers identical coverage, without Chapters 11 (Judges), 14 (Nonlawyers in the Law Business), 15 (Free Speech Rights of Lawyers and Judicial Candidates), and 16 (Marketing Legal Services); and without parts of Ch. 4 (Minimum Fee Schedules; Court-Awarded Fees; and Dividing  Money, Clients, or Fees Within and Between Firms).
Well-balanced mix of cases, secondary sources, timely materials (often drawn from recent headlines), engaging problems, and challenging notes.
Goes beyond the rules in recognizing that the law is not necessarily self-evident and covers many subtleties; Gillers discusses the rules from different perspectives.  Students are thus better equipped to detect and avoid improper conduct in their professional life than if they had learned the rules alone.
Excellent case selection. Relevant cases exemplify multiple variations on particular themes.
Realistic, helpful problems. Abundant problems, many based on actual events, that facilitate class discussion and enable students to understand the rules and regulations that will govern their professional behavior.
Detailed notes provide in-depth treatment of the issues.
High-profile author. Stephen Gillers is a highly visible and recognized national authority on professional responsibility.
Accessible and engaging style. The writing is characterized by variety, clarity, and humor.
Accompanied by an outstanding annual statutory supplement. Co-authored by Roy D. Simon, Andrew M. Perlman, and John Steele, the popular Regulation of Lawyers: Statutes and Standards covers all major, minor, and state variations on the rules governing lawyers and judges.

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